The Carpenter designs, makes and restores wood frames, converts attics and wood-framed buildings.

The Carpenter makes the wood framed structures on which joiners and roofers lay their elements. As a multi-skilled worker, the joiner can work on all kind of buildings. Blocks of flats, agricultural hangars, industrial constructions, wood-framed houses, converted attics…

The carpenter’s tasks are multiple: after studying and designing frames, after making them in a workshop, he put the different pieces together. Lifting and assembling the frames on-site, he can also cover and insulate them with various panels and insulation systems. This job requires drawing and projection in space skills essential to design and trace frames.

The carpenter can use drawing and calculation softwares to realize his works. A large number of companies are now working on numerical control machines which brought a real technological revolution in cutting frames components.

The “Grenelle de l’Environnement” (French governmental agency for the protection of Environment) demands buildings with high energetic performances and therefore use low energy consumer materials. He is also involved in waste processing.

The carpenter plays an important part in these fields and his interventions in favor of energy savings complete other corporation works to achieve a better energetic efficiency.

Apprenticeship is one of the most successful way to become a professional in construction with numerous trainings ranging from LEVEL 5 to LEVEL 3 (EQF).

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