The Sanitary Installer lays and guarantees the maintenance of sanitary facilities (sinks, bathtubs, water-heaters…) and  pipeline networks.

The Sanitary Installer works on new or renovated buildings. He sets volumes and flow rates (water, gas, compressed air…), designs pipeline networks, set the installations commissioning. He guarantees the equipments standards and maintenance.

From the bathroom to solar water-heaters, the sanitary installer has known tremendous technical evolutions linked to the use of materials and tools.

The Sanitory Installer now uses lighter material like copper pipes and plastic pipelines. The sanitory facilities are now made of ceramic, acrylic or synthetic materials and can work on programmed systems (hydrotherapy, balneotherapy)

The “Grenelle de l’Environnement” (French governmental agency for the protection of Environment) demands buildings with high energetic performances and therefore use low energy consumer materials. He is also involved in waste processing.

The Sanitory Installer plays an important part in these fields and his interventions in favor of energy savings complete other corporation works to achieve a better energetic efficiency.

Apprenticeship is one of the most successful way to become a professional in construction with numerous trainings ranging from LEVEL 5 to LEVEL 3 (EQF).

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