The tiling-mosaic worker decorates floors and walls with ceramic tiles or similar materials. He has an important role in decorating and finishing a house.

The tiling-mosaic worker works indoor (individual houses, collective buildings, hospitals, industrial laboratories and swimming pools) as well as outdoor (facade, public pathway, urban ornement)

On a new or rehabilition work, he prepares supports, makes and lays a wide range of materials.

He covers floors and walls with similar materials: masonry, plastered partition, insulating undercoat, under tiling floors waterproof system. He guarantees accessibility to each room.

The tiling-mosaic worker covers floors and walls following various technics: cemented laying, glued or by mechanical fixing.

The “Grenelle de l’Environnement” (French governmental agency for the protection of Environment) demands building high energetic performances and then in the use of low energy consumer materials and in waste processing.

The tiling-mosaic worker plays an important part in these fields and his interventions in favor of energy savings complete other corporation works to achieve a better energetic efficiency.

Apprenticeship is one of the most successful way to become a professional in construction with numerous trainings ranging from LEVEL 5 to LEVEL 3 (EQF).

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Arches CTC
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